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For years I suffered from terrible PMS and period pain. It took a lot of trials and errors – and a very long learning curve – to figure things out on my own, and eventually heal myself.

My goal at Cycle Harmony is to make your healing journey much easier than it was for me by sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

So if you allow me, I’ll guide you – step by step – to identify the underlying causes of your menstrual disharmonies, and to undercover natural ways to heal your body, mind, and emotions.

When you do, your hormones and cycles will return to harmony, naturally.

Jing Jin Cycle Harmony

Healthy Period Guide

cycle harmony step 1 face your pain

Is your period cycle normal?

Use five key factors to evaluate your menstrual health

Do you have signs of hormone imbalance?

Make sense of your symptoms

What may be out of balance?

Identify your specific pattern of imbalance


Learn how to use food to balance your cycles and nourish yourself all month long


Receive the comprehensive lifestyle plan that I used to restore my cycle harmony


Understand the emotional causes of menstrual disharmonies; learn proven strategies to heal your emotions


Discover natural remedies to correct your specific pattern of imbalance

Moon Cycles

Connect with the natural rhythms and live in harmony with nature

Feminine Power

Cultivate 7 feminine powers to create the life you want to live

cycle harmony step 3 create love flourish be

I just wanted to say I LOVE your email newsletter so much! They are always incredibly thoughtful, philosophical, inspiring, and very down to earth — full of experiences I am sure everyone can relate to at some level. Thank you so much for your continued message of hope, celebration and empowerment, for women everywhere!


I’m in my forties, and through Cycle Harmony I’d noticed a link between my period and my suicide attempts. I started seeing a psychologist and now I’m off the anti-depressants and doing heaps better! Thanx Jing!


The Hormone Balance e-course is extremely informative and well done. Much of the information was not what you would find or hear in most healthcare providers offices. Very empowering!


I am delighted to share that I am currently menstruating for the first time in two years. I had a long battle with amenorrhea, but am reborn into my feminine self and back in touch with my cycle. Thank you!


I appreciate all the help and advise you’ve given me. It was very helpful in making me realize my hormonal imbalance causes and solutions. Thank you very much. This is an excellent site. Keep up the good work!


Cycle Harmony has not only changed my life through having wonderful friendships with the members and founder, it has also been an awesome tool for understanding, appreciating and capturing my nonstop battle with PMS. 


Today I feel it is my duty to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work and your dedication to provide us with information and sound knowledge.  I can not thank you enough Jing, your hard work does not go unnoticed I can tell you that. You have helped me a lot and I am forever grateful.


I’ve been able to integrate many positive habits and practices you have provided me. So thank you! I found after receiving a few of your emails, I realized I had a level of self-awareness by being conscious of my thoughts, behaviors and how I can help myself with foods and preventative activities like yoga and meditation. Although I had already been using other modalities to help myself with well-being and my cycle, I see now it boils down to balance and awareness.


Thank you for your generosity in devoting your time and resources to help women heal their menstrual cycles. I am realizing it is at the core of who we are as women and it is very important. That is why I am no longer putting it off, as it effects my whole life, and is also integral to healing myself as a whole person.


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